Haszongépjármű és busz abroncsok


Haszongépjármű-abroncs megoldások az Ön építési vállalkozása számára

Meet every challenge. With Conti CrossTrac.

Two worlds. One solution.

Continental Winter Truck Tires

If you're battling rocks and roads, we'll pave the way.

Road maintenance, building construction, forestry – transport to and on construction sites can be a tough business. Ground conditions vary from one meter to the next and every single trip can represent various challenges. To succeed, you will need equipment that works reliably, on- and off-road, day in, day out. Discover the new Conti CrossTrac tire line, designed for the most challenging on- and off-road applications. And benefit from a service portfolio that reduces your total cost of ownership significantly.

Conti CrossTrac tire line

Harsh sites. Long rides. Conti CrossTrac. Simply keeps going.